Passover 2020

As you know, our congregational Passover Seder has been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are celebrating Passover, Messiah's Meal and Resurrection in our homes this year.

Attached are two home based celebrations:

  1. An edited version of our Passover Haggadah, an accompanying video can be found on the Messiah Congregation Facebook page.
  2. Messiah's Meal - is designed for those who want to celebrate a special evening focused on Yeshua, but do not have a deep connection to Passover. This is a short, 20 to 25 minute event, remembering the Messiah's Passover, leading to celebrating the Lord's Supper as a family, and then dinner.

Feel free to use either.

Download by clicking the blue title.

Passover 2020 - Haggadah PDF.

Meal of Messiah - Messiah's Communion PDF